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Kitchen Cleaning Products

Gator Chemical produces a complete line of concentrated and ready to use kitchen cleaning chemicals.  From heavy duty de-greasers to neutral cleaners and disinfectant, we have it all.  We sell and service dishmachines.  We also offer a no charge dispenser program (minimums apply) and will install and maintain housekeeping dispensers at no charge in your facility.  Please contact us for more information.

Clean Shot - Low Temperature Dishmachine Detergent

Deep Clean - Premium No Rinse Bio-Enzymatic Floor Cleaner

Dissolve - Descaler

Duo-25 – Disinfectant & Sanitizer

Dusk - Premium Liquid Pot and Pan Soap, Super Concentrated

Fresh Choice - Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Grease Off - Oven, Fryer & Griddle Cleaner

Hot Shot - All Temperature Dishmachine Detergent

Knock Out - Drain Enzyme Treatment

Lavanda - Lavander Scented All Purpose Cleaner

Lift-It - Non-Butyl Cleaner & Degreaser

LTR - Low Temperature Dishmachine Rinse Aid

Mop 'N' Go - No Rinse Floor Cleaner with Enzymes

N.A.C. Concentrate – Cleaner Concentrate

Orange Power - Concentrated Citrus Degreaser & All Purpose Cleaner

Oven Brite - Aerosol Oven Cleaner

Pink Lotion - Hand Dishwashing Liquid

Pot and Pan Pink - Economy Hand Dishwashing Soap

Rinse Away AP - Liquid Dishmachine Rinse Aid/Hard Water

Rinse Away - Liquid Dishmachine Rinse Aid 

Sani-Sol - EPA Registered Dishmachine Sanitizing Solution

SD-25 - Sanitizer

SD-200 - Sanitizer-Deodorizer for Countertops

Shure Clean - Concentrated Cleaner

Silver Shine - Liquid Presoak

Squeeky Clean - Hand Dishwashing Liquid

Xtreme AP Degreaser - All Purpose Degreaser

Xtreme Freezer Clean - Cleaner Degreaser for Freezers

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